Three monks, Daleth, Mem and Teth, practice their meditation every morning beneath the olive trees. One day, each of them separately experience the exact same phenomena during meditation. The vision nearly brings each of them to tears, and they separately spend many hours contemplating the surrounding landscape as if for the very first time; as if reborn. In fact they spend so many hours in contemplation that afternoon soon becomes evening before they’ve realized it. Once the sunset begins to glare tangerine over the jagged horizon they hurry back to the monastery. Each of them arrive late for dinner, entering the common areas nearly simultaneously. Daleth is the first to apologize, “I’m sorry I’m just arriving. I had the most unreal experience today.” Mem chimes in, “That makes me feel better about my being late! This must have been a special day. I too have just arrived.” 
”Very interesting,” says Teth, “I am just returning as well. Something special happened, you say?” They rush to tell each other their new encounter, ignoring dinner completely and talking late into the night of a truly transcendental experience! Previously inconceivable dimensions of being. These 13 minutes chronicle the nuances and subtleties of that afternoon meditation, beginning softly with steady breathing and a relaxing of the shoulders. Breathe deeply… Think peace… Letting go of the mind enables the third eye to see beyond the physical, and within the shifting Akashic fog appears Avalokiteshvara and his thousand-seeing-hands of compassion. He shows what glory remains over bridges yet to be crossed, illustrating to each of them how they can influence the world If they perfect their abilities, promising talented Bodhisattvas they will make in the next great calling…