Tulku Bhava


Following the death of monks Daleth, Mem and Thet, the abbot of their monastery convenes a great committee of senior Lamas to discuss how they will go about finding the young reincarnations. They talk of the uncharted waters this truly dangerous quest that will require; a journey to an unfamiliar continent in this precarious time is something none of them have undertaken before. With all other possibilities exhausted throughout the passage of time in all of Samsara, the only option left is to accomplish the impossible. Their oracles will no-doubt need to be consulted, crystals gathered, medicines imbibed. All available tools will be utilized. They place their faith in the great synchronicity and meditate together on the next logical step forward. They all see visions of rainbows.

The three Tulkus meanwhile, having just departed the dark Bardo, sail through the aether into the belly of the great empire to locate the human bodies (the great boat so difficult to find) they will inhabit in their next great undertaking.